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Fighting for Flight (Fighting, #1)

Fighting for Flight (Fighting, #1) - J.B. Salsbury I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK! I am so glad I listened to Britney and moved this up on my TBR list! When she posted in her review "If you mixed Sempre and Beautiful Disaster together, you’d get Fighting for Flight," I knew it was a must read and she did not lead me astray. Jonah Slade and Raven Morretti...perfection! Their chemistry was off the charts and I'm not only talking about their physical connection (which was blazing hot). The love and passion these two had for each other reminded me of why I love to read. They were honest and didn't play games, which I found very refreshing. There was plenty of suspense and drama in this book, but none at the expense of their relationship. I adored how real they were and loved that even though they were dealing with some shitty stuff, they still found time to laugh together. Thanks to Blake, Jonah's best friend, there was plenty to laugh at. His perverted humor was the perfect comic relief - I can't wait for his book. Raven touched my heart from the beginning. She was strong, intelligent and hardworking. She could have easily chosen a destructive path, but was determined to have a better life than the one she was born into. In my eyes, Jonah was the perfect man. He is a tattooed, Harley riding, MMA fighter and while that is sexy as sin, what I loved most about him was his fierce loyalty to Raven and his willingness to give up his dream to protect her *swoon*. To be loved like that is a blessing.