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Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain, #2)

Sweet Dreams  - Kristen Ashley I love Kristen Ashley! I want to live inside her head and discover how she creates these sweet, sexy, devoted, badass alpha males. NO ONE writes alphas like KA. When I first met Tate, I wanted to slap him in the mouth for what he said about Lauren when he didn't know she was listening. It seriously broke my heart...words can really hurt. As the story progressed, he more than made up for what he said and my love affair with Tate began. I loved Lauren just as much. Watching her rediscover that she is someone special and deserved someone special was heartwarming. Oh and Jonas...I adored that boy. He cracked my up with the things he would say to Lauren (like father like son). No doubt that boy is going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up. I would like to read his story when he's in his 30's. Talk about sweet, Jonas was so loving and such a good kid. My heart broke listening to him talk about life at his mom's, how much he worried about her and watching him suffer when she died **Added bonus to this story, we get some references to Gnaw Bone and Max and Nina!! Not a lot, but still enough to satify my Max obsession.**