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Fire Inside (Chaos, #2)

Fire Inside (Chaos, #2) - Kristen Ashley I absolutely loved Hop and Lanie's story. After meeting Hop in Motorcycle Man, I figured there was no way I would love him. Why did I ever doubt KA's ability to make me fall in love with Hop?! Because it happened, I fell in love with him. I don't think there was anything I disliked about this book. In fact, I was even okay with there not being any crazy drama outside of their relationship. One thing I did miss...seeing all the girls get together for a night out. I love when those crazy women get together, drink it up and have their sexy, badass alpha men pick them up. Nothing better than getting all those men in the same room together...damn :) Now, the hardest part...waiting for the next book in the series. KA you rock!