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A Beautiful Lie - Tara Sivec Have you ever had a book on your TBR list for so long that you just decide one day you are going to read it to get it off your TBR list? That's how I went into this book. When I originally added it to my TBR list, I was so excited for it to be released. Then I read some reviews that said the book was only okay and my excitement faded. This week I decided I would bump it up since book 2 will be coming out soon and I didn't want to get behind in the series (I'm a dork). I am kicking myself in the ass now because I did not read this book sooner. I thought it was excellent. I know a lot of people didn't appreciate that it was written in third person or the constant back and forth between past and present, but honestly, those were two things I loved most about this book. I loved being inside everyone's head and I appreciated being able to see how everything began eight years ago. I especially enjoyed the plot...it had suspense, Navy SEALs, a little comedy, romance and some serious sexual tension. The chemistry between Garrett and Parker was so hot, I literally thought my panties would melt off! The pool scene...yeah, that got bookmarked ;) Okay, enough of my rambling. While I know not everyone will love this book like I did, I encourage you to read it. I cannot wait for the next book!!