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Wounded - Jasinda Wilder Breathtakingly beautiful! I don't think there are enough words to describe how much I loved this book. It was everything I wanted and everything I needed. I was captivated by the writing and the vivid descriptions that allowed me to feel like I was there, experiencing every aspect of Rania's life. When her heart broke, my heart broke. When she cried, I cried. When she was scared, I was scared. And when she finally felt safe, I felt safe. Rania, my heart broke for her and the life she had to live in order to physically survive. She had seen and lost so much in her life, yet she was determined to survive, even though she has nothing. Hunter Lee is everything you could ever want in a man - strong, loyal, protective, loving and respectful. Oh, did I mention he is a Marine *swoon*. I won't even attempt to describe Rania and Hunter's relationship. It's best experienced by reading this wonderful book. So, read it - you won't be sorry.