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Raid (Unfinished Hero, #3) - Kristen Ashley It is insane how well Kristen Ashley writes alpha males! This wasn't my favorite KA book, but it was still great. Of course, I loved Raid. Hanna was a great heroine - all of her different forms of skank, hilarious. Grams was an excellent addition to this book and I will strive to be like her when I reach 98 years old. Overall, a great read, but two complaints: One, it was too short. Greedy much? When it comes to reading KA books, hell yes I am. I could have easily read another 500 pages. Two, I was disappointed at the famous 90% mark. While it was still good, I wanted more drama. We didn't get to see Raid go all badass on anyone :(. That said, it's a KA book so read it :)