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Until November (Until series) - Aurora Rose Reynolds

I really enjoyed this book and I loved Asher and November. Asher was all sorts of sexy yumminess and November was a sassy sweetheart. The two of them together was hot!

There were a few things that drove me crazy...I felt discombobulated with the passage of time. On one page it appeared to be fall, the next page it was Christmas Eve and then the next page November was planning an Easter egg hunt. There was no "3 months later" or anything to suggest a period of time had elapsed and it confused me. I don't think this will be a huge issue for others and it wasn't that big of a deal to me, but I found it distracting and I kept focusing on it. Silly, I know, but it threw me off.

Something else I found confusing was any part that had Liz in it. Liz and November met when November moved to Tennessee. They become friends, but you never see their relationship develop. They met, had coffee a few times and then they are best friends. You are told all of this, but you never see any real interaction between the two. Then there is Trevor and Liz. I was under the impression that they didn't know each other. But then I read a part where Trevor is picking Liz up and he is constantly jealous of guys paying attention to her. The crazy thing is you never see Trevor and Liz together. You are once again told all of this information, but there is no interaction. It had me questioning if I had missed a few pages. I am looking forward to reading Trevor and Liz's story next. Until November raised a lot of questions about these two and I'm hoping my questions get answered in their book.

I know it seems that I had more negative than positive things to say about this book, but honestly, I really liked the book. I loved the characters and the plot, I just wish some things were tightened up and explained better.